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Step by Step Guide to HERO Method

How I became my HERO

As an energetic, off-the-wall child I naturally became obsessed with gymnastics and martial arts. I think my parents initially enrolled me in sport because I climbed on everything and they needed an outlet for my hyperactivity!


With Jackie Chan, Goku, and the Red Power Ranger as my heroes, I was motivated to achieve their level of excellence. This aspiration not only meant learning acrobatics and how to deliver a jump kick to the face, but also to embody their attitude, integrity, and values. It was this pursuit towards heroism that established positive habits which ultimately carried me forward in sport and my everyday life.

"You were designed to be a HERO." - Dr. Kyle Ryley

Working with athletically driven clients, I've cultivated a unique approach that establishes big goals and identifies the hero-figure that will be the catalyst in unlocking the "new and better you!"

Life is too short not to be your HERO

Hitting a wall is frustrating, and not knowing how to climb that wall can be utterly defeating. You’ve trained so hard to get here and don’t deserve to be held back. Athletes like you were designed for more.

You were designed to be a HERO.

That's why I took everything I know from gymnastics, Chinese Medicine, and life to create a structure I call HERO Method. This method is a 6 pillared system that cultivates physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing so you can become a HERO.

The 6 Pillars of HERO Method

  • Innercise - The practice of exposing, yielding to, and responding to forces of stress or stagnation in the body by developing our power to "let go" and set free.

  • Exercise - In addition to its physical benefits, exercise can also improve mental healthy. It can boost self-esteem and improve mood, leading to an overall better quality of life.

  • Learning - Learning is an essential part of personal growth and development, and it expands our understanding of the world and our place in it.

  • Creating - Creating can refer to the act of bringing something into existence, or the process of making something out of materials or ideas. It can be a form of self-expression, problem-solving, or a means of fulfilling a need.

  • Connecting - When we connect with others, we can share our experiences, thoughts, and feelings, which can help us gain new perspectives and insights.

  • Fueling - Fueling your body is essential for maintaining good health and ensuring that you have enough energy to tackle your daily tasks.

Start simple and as you feel ready, dive deeper into each of these pillars and I promise you will see growth.

Want to learn more? Join the waitlist for one-on-one HERO Method coaching!

Dr. Kyle Ryley Acu., TCMD

Train Health

Be Your HERO

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