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"I first was intrigued to go see Dr. Kyle from one of his Instagram posts. He was talking about an issue that he treats naturally through Chinese Medicine. I thought I would try this route instead of taking strong subscriptions from my doctor. The first time I saw Dr. Kyle was my very first acupuncture treatment! I had been experiencing some issues with my stomach and digestion. He made me feel so comfortable with the whole procedure. Before we started with anything he conducted a very detailed analysis to make sure he was treating me directly for my symptoms. He knew I was nervous and explained the Chinese philosophy. I felt very comfortable during the whole treatment, throughout the process Dr. Kyle always made sure he was explaining each action. I would highly recommend Dr. Kyle, he is extremely knowledgeable and makes his patients feel comfortable and safe."


"Dr. Kyle has a positive attitude and a kind approach to his practice. I have tried many different healing options but nothing was working. His techniques and willingness to listen helped so much with my pain and even my mental health."


“First time having TCM and I felt very comfortable. Kyle's knowledge of how the body works was so amazing to watch! He opened up so much pace in my body I didn't even know was blocked. I was hesitant about cupping but after Kyle did it I was eager for more!" 

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