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Hero Method: Touching The Heavens

One of the most essential qualities of posture is differentiating the Yin from the Yang. This starts with differentiating the upright lift from the gravitational drop, then creating a taut contrasting in between. It takes two to tango!

A great first step in the progression of learning starts with experiencing this in the arms. The arms possess a quality belonging to the Pericardium network, wherein the body finds its center and sense of overall stability of the self. This function is disrupted in immune bypass and disconnects established between the two channel pivots (e.g. inoculations which bypass the Wei and disrupt the channel systems ability at keeping tabs).

This differentiation between Yin and Yang is the balance between left and right. the balance between front and hind legs and the switch between up and down, continuously switching polarity, depending upon arm position, weight distribution and qi directionality.

When the arms are down, they anchor, all the while the clear Yang ascends out the top of the head lifting the entire body lighter on the feet, as if supporting one self on the hands as one might do if they were to self-traction their low back by supporting on their arms.

When the arms are raised, the clear Yang ascends in them like a hot air balloon afloat, all the while the Yin descends downward into the scapulae and down along the torso to the base of support. We coordinate this action with sound posture, relaxation and breath; rising with inhalation and descending with exhalation.

This is the expression of the Ministerial Fire and the alternator of our qi current that allows our body to efficiently process energy with limited depletion. Think of how alternating current (AC) works. Thank you to our bodies for possessing this counterbalancing off-weight that is our second Fire element movement, aside from the Heart.

Practice daily. Static holds are a great place to begin to really accumulate this differentiation.

How will you implement this practice into your life and training?

Dr. Kyle Ryley Acu., TCMD

Train Health

Be Your HERO

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