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Fueling is More Than What you Put in Your Mouth

Fueling with a healthy diet is more than just what you put in your mouth. It’s the who, when, where, why and how as well.

Most diet considerations begin with the ‘what?’ you’re putting in your body. We typically put some form of limitation or full restriction on specific foods that we’ve identified that we shouldn’t be eating or that we tend to eat too much of.

Before the ‘what?’ it’s essential that we first ask the ‘why?’. Why do we eat? For what purpose? Is it for taste and enjoyment? Is it for energy? If so what are our energy needs, how does our age, sport and/or occupation demand energy?

After the ‘why?” and ‘what?’ have had some thought, our next dietary considerations can be ‘when?’, ‘how?’, and with ‘who?’.

Did you know our eating environment and setting is just as important as the tastes inside our mouth. Are we slowing down, relaxed, feeling safe, and in the presence of good friends? Eating while anxious or angry is never good for nutrition absorption, nor good on the digestive organs - even IF you’re eating all the right foods!

Also, ‘how?’ we prepare & process our food and ‘how?’ we mix and combine foods is very important. The ‘entourage effect’ is huge!

And last but not least, the ‘when?’. Are there times of the day that are better for you to be eating? Is it important for you to give your digestive system longer, or shorter breaks between eating?

All of these questions do not have one correct answer, they depend upon each of us individually, and our unique constitution and lifestyle demands.

"Before the ‘what?’ it’s essential that we first ask the ‘why?’. Why do we eat?" - Dr. Kyle Ryley

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Dr. Kyle Ryley Acu., TCMD

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