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  • I have never done TCM before! What should I expect?
    A visit with Dr. Ryley is similar to visiting any other health professional! He'll start by gathering information about your current health, relevant medical history, and identify the focus of your treatment. Dr. Ryley will explain the benefits of each type of treatment, the step by step process of how they are performed, and what the expected outcome will be. Together you will devise a custom treatment plan that best suits your health goals! We reccomend wearing or bringing comfortable clothes that allow access to the treatment area.
  • What treatment is right for me?
    Dr. Ryley will help you to decide the appropriate treatment or combination of treatments that best suit your health goals! If you would like more information on the types of treaments that he performs, check out our "Treatments" page!
  • What do I wear?
    We reccomend wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing or athletic wear. If you are having your hips, knees, or ankles treated, we reccomend wearing or bringing shorts!
  • Is Traditional Chinese Medicine covered by insurance?
    Yes! Traditional Chinese Medicine is covered by many health insurance companies. We are currently working on direct billing. In the mean time we will send you an invoice after your treatment that you can submit to your insurance company!

Not sure what to expect? Wondering whats the best treatment for you?

Find the answers to all your questions and more here!

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