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A Holistic Academy Where Athletes Train Health




Iyengar Yoga
Iyengar Yoga

Life is too short not to be


Hitting a wall is frustrating, and not knowing how to climb that wall can be utterly defeating. You’ve trained so hard to get here and don’t deserve to be held back. Athletes like you were designed for more.


You were designed to be a HERO.


Take back control of your training with HEROmove

How i became


As an energetic, off-the-wall child I naturally became obsessed with gymnastics and martial arts. I think my parents initially enrolled me in sport because I climbed on everything and they needed an outlet for my hyperactivity!


With Jackie Chan, Goku, and the Red Power Ranger as my heroes, I was motivated to achieve their level of excellence. This aspiration not only meant learning acrobatics and how to deliver a jump kick to the face, but also to embody their attitude, integrity, and values. It was this pursuit towards heroism that established positive habits which ultimately carried me forward in sport and my everyday life. 

Working with athletically driven clients, I've cultivated a unique approach that establishes big goals and identifies the hero-figure that will be the catalyst in unlocking the "new and better you!"



Train smarter not harder to achieve your goals

Man Running


Don't let injury hold you back anymore

Fitness Exercise


Become a stronger and more well-rounded athlete

Practising Yoga at Home


Functional movement means perfecting our natural ability to conserve energy while moving. This means using the body as it was designed to be used. Every structure is designed to function in very specific ways. This means a capacity for full range of motion, correct sequence of firing, and relaxation. Functionality means that the forces applied are distributed in the most balanced manner, avoiding internal dispersal in the form of compression, shearing, and buckling.

By improving our movement, we become capable of handling harder impacts without being knocked off balance or tweaking ourselves in painful ways. It also means that we mitigate susceptibility to wear & tear, and ultimately become more fluid and flexible, so to load more within the body, acting as a perfected conduit of universal energy.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


..And if all that wasn't enough, we become better aware of the finer-details in our movement making us more coachable, and faster to improve in our sport. All of these things together will improve our general physique and fitness, transforming us into lean, mean, functional machines. 

Ashtanga Yoga


HEROmethod has been created to help you to train health! Our variety of memberships allow you to choose the right program for your lifestyle and the level of support that you need to be successful. The key benefits of all memberships include: 

  • Provide cutting-edge, balanced and holistic physical fitness all in one spot. Yin & Yang!

  • To educate, cultivate, and develop prehab/rehab practices specifically catered towards your individual needs

  • Empower and lead you to a full recovery, elimination of pain, and a well conditioned body

  • A comprehensive development of functional movement: ROM, patterning, unconscious integration, and increasing base strength, power and flexibility.

  • To answer the problems that arise from doctor's and therapist's having limited treatment-windows.

HEROmove program is developed by Dr. Kyle and the top of the line movement correcting techniques & methods that he implements in his practice. HEROmove brings his expertise to your living room, giving you day-by-day instruction, detailed education and unwavering accountability systems.

Ashtanga Yoga
Welcome To HEROmove
Hero Performance Health

Welcome To HEROmove

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