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Iyengar Yoga
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The HERO method focuses on LIFESTYLE by making it something that we take pride and fulfilment in each day. We aim to rekindle and maintain that same drive and passion that backs us as young athletes in sport so that we can carry that forward into an entire life of excellence.


The HEROmove training program is divided into two focuses: Exercise and Innercise.

Exercise develops external force through the active recruitment of muscles using loaded functional patterns to calibrate full ranges of motion, a balanced muscle tone, dynamic posture, and ultimately boost the athletic performance in sport and life. And did we mention also develop a stunning physique along the way!


Innercise is a gentler approach that develops internal force through relaxation, breath and well focused intent. Innercise will passively restore muscle health, strengthen bone & connective tissue, increase nutrition utilization, and fill the posture with stability & leverage while hardwiring functional movement patterns into the cerebellar unconscious. An overall overhaul of the integrated nervous system to substantiate quality internal organ functioning.

We know that it takes both of these methods to develop a hero.

Iyengar Yoga
Image by Rahul Chakraborty


I began my life as an energetic, off-the-wall child and naturally became obsessed with the sport of men's artistic gymnastics and martial arts. I think my parents initially enrolled me because I climbed on everything and they needed an outlet for my hyperactivity! With Jackie Chan, Goku, and the Red Power Ranger as my heroes, I obtained an immense desire to achieve their level of excellence. To me this aspiration not only meant learning acrobatics and how to deliver a jump kick to the face, but also to embody their attitude, integrity, and values. It was this pursuit towards heroism that established positive habits which ultimately carried me forward in sport and my everyday life. 



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