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HEROmove is an online education and training program dedicated to achieving fitness and health through the development of intentional and functional movement. By subscribing to the HEROmove program we gain access to an extensive collection of bi-weekly training videos, an ever growing library of prehab/rehab exercises, and a simple yet thorough DIY movement assessment for the purpose of tracking growth. This is all accessible on our own time, in the comfort of our own home by using body weight style exercises that require nothing more than everyday household items. HEROmove provides a brand new, cutting-edge approach to prehab/rehab and fitness by perfectly integrating the most effective techniques and methods from multiple movement schools. This includes calisthenics, pilates, gymnastics shaping, specialized prehab exercises, fascial stretching, nerve flossing, qigong and other similar Daoist internal arts, and finally body chain functional range of motion and functional movement pattern exercises which use strategically placed loads and feedback systems to hack into an optimize the body’s movement tendencies. Then we have HEROmomentum and HEROmaster which are the two-tiers of our mentor-accountability programs. These programs work through this HEROmanual along with additional education, systems, team and support in your performance and health journey. HEROmomentum is the lower tier program. It is a group-based approach led by Dr. Kyle, complete with a monthly webinar and video calls, group check-in, open Q&A, access to our exclusive facebook group, and complimentary access to the full HEROmove program. HEROmaster is the ultimate package! La creme de la creme for getting your health, fitness and life on track and to a level that is heroic. It is a 1-on-1 personalized approach to the HEROmethod. It is the ultimate package! Including weekly 1-on-1 calls with Dr. Kyle, regular personalized medical consult, assessment and care plan which allows for the use of customized herbal medicine and nutritional prescriptions which we drop-ship directly to to your doorstep. All of this along with full access to the HEROmove program and our exclusive Facebook group community. For more info on our HEROmove, HEROmomentum & HEROmaster programs please visit our website at www.HeroPerformanceHealth.com. INTRODUCTION: THE HERO METHOD This manual is a tool, assisting us in unleashing our inner hero. A hero is a driven, passionate, healthy and top performing individual who’s success inspires others to get out and do the same. The HERO Method is the backbone of a powerful and fulfilling life. But what exactly is the HERO Method? It’s a method of living which treats life just a little more like a game. Games are quite magical things in the sense that they are fun, for sport, and in playing them we become aligned with and directed by the rules of the game. This means that the objectives are clear and the story-line is fairly linear, or at the very least expresses rather simple divergences. The genre of game that is most whole when it comes to encapsulating the human experience would have to be the role-playing game or RPG. Popularized by the game Dungeons & Dragons or D&D in the 1970s, RPGs allow for the expression of free-will, and they do a very good job representing, measuring and tracking things like growth, change and character development. This is done through the use of experience points and level ups; stat point allocation; professions, class and character alignment denominations; economics, reputations, and social credit systems; free world exploration, and a variety of quest trees. Many different paths to the same end, as well as many similar same paths leading to different ends. Several mini-games within a grand game. The HERO Method applies these same RPG principles to the real world in a way that is conducive with enhancing our sense of value, esteem and pride in self, and then using this sense of power to hack our life and achieve super health, amazing feats, fulfilling relationships and amazing adventures. If you’re not too familiar with what an RPG is that’s okay, because the ideas and principles are very straight-forward and quite intuitive with real life. It’s only a matter of learning the technical terms, which this manual does a detailed job at defining. These game principles (particularly RPG) will change the way we look at every aspect of our life, helping to shift our mindset in a way that grants us greater leverage and control over our life. The role-playing aspect allows us to design our purpose(s) and attitude from which we will tackle life. Every RPG involves the playing of a character or sometimes character(s). These characters are also known as heroes! In the real world we play one hero and that hero is yourself. Every Hero has their own sense of values and purpose, personality and alignment, and then a profession, business or other vehicle allowing them to bring their values and purpose into fruition. Role-playing is often thought of as being this fictitious fantasy sort of thing and an escape from the real world. This is true, but we cannot forget that our roles that we play in the real world are also fictitious fantasies just as much. Shakespeare said that we’re all playing a part and the world is our stage, and he couldn’t be more accurate in that statement. The urge or desire to step into a character or “avatar” through gameplay (most commonly video games) can be a sign that your true self is not playing it’s truest role in the real world. Depression, aimlessness, anxiety, lethargy, lack of motivation & will power, and many other psycho-emotional disorders can be attributed to this fact. Escape through virtual games is a simple bandaid treatment but not an effective solution for the disconnect that may exist between the role we’re currently playing and the ambitions and desires of our true self. Of course laying dragons by sword provides an obvious and immediate sense of badass-ness and importance, but with the correct mindset established this same sense of badass-ness and importance can be achieved through real life pursuits! Sometimes this could be as specific as taking on a martial art, other times this dragon could be a metaphor for something else that is extremely important in your business, recreation, or avocation. Calibrating Your Lifeplay Every game has a Game Master, in other words the designer of the game who determines the ground rules for gameplay and makes sure the game is being played accordingly. This goes for all games! This includes board games, video games, sports and even stretches to include politics, law, economics and the artistic industries. If we want to be a part of it then we have to play the game. So it is important to select games that fit our purpose, passion and talents. It’s also important to develop strategies that best utilize our unique strengths and maximize our effectiveness. Sometimes this even means discovering the strengths in our weaknesses! With all that said, no one says that we must play any of these games in the first place! As pure and true human beings on this earth stripped of all status, clout and other social forms of hierarchy (aka spells that apply status effects) we are all free and equal. We ultimately choose the games we want to play and if there aren’t any games that interest us or epitomize our hero, then we must either continue looking or create a brand new game altogether. At the grandest level we are ultimately our own Game Master (only natural laws reign above). We live our very own grand personal game which then has access to joining in and playing multiple minigames. These minigames are collectively established things that we volunteer to play (aka societies). In order to begin our new journey and calibrate our lifeplay in alignment with our true self we must understand what it means to be Game Master for ourself. The Game Master determines the goals, targets, and overall trajectory. The Game Master ascribes value in the areas he deems fit. In a sport like basketball, putting the ball through the basket is an extremely valuable action, yet outside of the game that same action is insignificant and means next to nothing at all. By defining the game objectives as being in alignment with what is most valuable to us we create a game with purpose and direction in a fulfilling direction. Now let’s take things back a level to look at our own life itself. We are the master of our own destiny. We determine the game/life objectives. We define which actions and behaviours are the most valuable, we determine the character we are to play, and then from there the thoughts and perspectives that will keep us directed and motivated in the game of life. Using simple metric tools we can determine and lay out our very own stats, traits, tendencies and talents. In doing so we can then determine how the game ought to be designed and also what mini-games we ought to spend our time playing. This all happens where our nature meets our truest desires. HEROmanual WALKTHROUGH A hero possesses both external and internal traits, both of which are divided into inherited and acquired groupings. External traits are what we see on the outside. This includes physical traits like hair, skin & eye colour, body type, gender, size, mannerisms, and any other anatomical variations. These are inherited qualities and can be changed to some extent. Then there are acquired external character traits which includes our style, the clothes and jewellery we wear, our hairstyle, posture and quality of movement, developed physique, biomotor abilities, make-up and any other products that we might choose to wear. On the internal side, traits include personality, charisma, temperament, resilience, luck, general attitude towards life, knowledge, wisdom, focus & attention to detail, internal health, internal posture and movement, sense of empowerment and discipline, skills, abilities & natural proficiencies. We will dive into more detail on this in Chapter 2. When we create our hero we are essentially defining our self, to our self. We account for the qualities and tendencies that we’ve inherited, then we outline our ultimate passions and the specific goals within them while also somewhat considering their reality in relation to our inherited qualities. There are certain professions, sports, and achievements that we are less and more talented towards. We may want to stand clear of applying ourselves to elite pursuits in which our talents are not favorable towards. Save the frustration. Next we determine what abilities we will need to train and level up, and which quests to accept. This is where visualizing and mapping the breakdown of our goals into things like skill trees, stat points, and quest progression all come into play. This piece will be introduced to us in Chapter 3 and it is the act of Game Mastering at it’s finest. Movement wise we will need to perform at a certain caliber to achieve each goal. Depending on the immensity of that goal it may call a lot from us in terms of: coordination, strength, power, resilience, endurance, range of motion, control, balance, reactivity, physique. We need to know what are the metrics that we need to hit in each of these areas that would make scoring our objectives and beating the game a reality. We also need to understand the progression of skills that must be obtained and mastered in relation to our pursuit, relationships, sport, profession, etc. Skills are pursuit specific (e.g. stick handling, musical scales, massage techniques, mathematical calculations, coding). These are things we must be leveling up and so we need to be immersing ourselves in experience. Next, we must determine the breakdown of achievements that must be scored along our way to the end achievement. These achievements can include awards and recognition, relationships obtained, completion of a program, hitting number targets, simply hitting an easier progression to that end goal. It is these that determine our quests. The more we break these down the better so that we may always be feeling and a sense of growth and productivity. In this book we learn how to live by the Hero Method, designing the best game possible for us to live. Once we have established the framework, the heroic adventure begins. From here it’s all about learning the tricks, tips, strategies and hacks to further optimize our life. In chapter 4 through 9 we provide top-notch education in the 5 pillars of lifestyle: movement, diet, mindset, environment, and DIY therapy. The information provided in chapters 4 through 9 focuses on individualized health and performance needs. No person is alike and so there is not a “one size fits all”. These chapters are designed to help us understand the why behind what we do so that we can sift through the overwhelming abundance of health advice and create manageable plans and systems that are best for no one else but us. It all starts now. Let’s begin our game - woops! I mean life!

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